drains-cardiffAre you plagued with drains that continually get clogged up? Do you have lots of trees or shrubs growing near your pipelines? If so, you may need to hire a professional drain cleaning service. By doing so, you’ll be on your way to having full use of your plumbing, which will no doubt make life much easier for everyone in the family.
What causes a blocked drain

Signs of a clogged drain: Many people wait until their drain is completely backed up before they called a  drain cleaning service. If possible, you should do this as soon as you notice a problem with water flow, as it is normally much easier to unclog drains when they are cleaned out early on.

Here are some things to look for that will let you know you might need to hire a drain cleaning professional:

Water does not flow freely through pipes
Pipes gurgle or make an unusual noise
A foul odour is present
Water is seeping into the ground surrounding outdoor pipes

Why hire a drain cleaning professional?

Many people attempt to unblock drains themselves because they feel like they can save a great deal of money by performing this task themselves. The truth is that there may actually be more than one clog in a drain, so homeowners may remove one of them and not the others. This will eventually result in a drain that gets clogged over and over again. When people attempt to clean out their own drains, they may use harsh chemicals that can cause respiratory problems, headaches, or nausea. Most drain cleaners are often able to remove clogs without the use of these harmful chemicals, making them a safer option than at-home remedies are.